Geneve/Prague, May 23, 2022 – Gemini Wings, an innovative business aviation company that offers clear-cut benefits and support to small operators and individual owners as regards the leasing of their aircraft/jets spare capacity, is excited to announce today that it has chosen Media Tribune as the company’s official agency to handle all their communication and marketing strategy in the European market. 

Founded some twelve (12) years ago by aviation strategist Antonia Lukacinova, with its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic and a running office in Kosice, Slovakia, Media Tribune is an award winning communication agency that focuses on luxury high end brands and business aviation companies. “We provide a full portfolio of services including; public relations, promotion and publicity for your firm to manage your unique corporate public profile. We are the engine of your business success” said Antonia Lukacinova, the Managing Director of Media Tribune.

Suffice it to say that Media Tribune is well known in the aviation market space as a result of the close cooperation it has built with leading aircraft manufacturers as well as their long-term involvement in promoting, popularizing, and being a voice for the business aviation industry in Central Europe. The agency is also renowned for its relations and participation in successful international projects such as; JetBook – the ultimate aircraft guide, and the Sapphire Pegasus Business Aviation Awards. It was therefore not a surprise to see them evolve, becoming an active player in the business aviation industry of the Caribbean region.

It is a great privilege to serve and support a unique organization like this. Gemini Wings brings great value to the industry by offering long-term solutions to business aircraft operators and jets owners, guaranteeing constant income for aircraft available for charter.  I must stress that it is indeed very challenging to bring and formulate new ideas as well as implement best practices in the industry we are part of. I am absolutely delighted about this deal,” Antonia enthused.

Speaking on behalf of Gemini Wings, Martin Fec said; “Deep knowledge of the industry from all viewpoints hastened and enhanced our deliberations with the Media Tribune team, and made our cooperation even more fruitful. Instead of spending hours on marketing issues, we rather focus on our core business while the Media Tribune team provides creative solutions for all our needs.  It saves us lots of precious time and brings high value to our brand and corporation.”

Being a revolutionary and top notch aviation incubator, Gemini Wings has formed an international alliance with a fleet of private aircraft. The company ticks all the success boxes, acting as the exclusive sales agent, and guaranteeing an agreed regular income to the aircraft operator or owner. What this implies is that Gemini Wings focuses on all sales activities that would ensure the spare capacity of the planes are sold, while the operators keep their eyes on the main business of managing the aircraft and operations.

It is important to note that the Gemini Wings team will showcase their proven concept of an aviation incubator at the next installment of EBACE taking place in Geneva, Switzerland on May 23-25, 2022. “The firm would unveil and explain how the initiative aims to create a supportive environment for aircraft operators simply by outsourcing the aircraft marketing and promotional activities to sales experts, while they receive a guaranteed regular cash flow for the periods the aircraft were available for chartering” Martin concluded.

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