Web technology powers many aspects of businesses communication. It takes a specialized skill set to build great sites and presentations. Mario Patlevic is a specialist in web design, development, maintenance and administration, as well as in various cyber graphic applications. He masters all aspects of form and function that go into stylish yet user-friendly online experiences.

Mario is responsible for creating the look and feel of our customer’s web sites and the online magazines that are published by Media Tribune. This involves developing a graphic design that effectively communicates the philosophy, vision, brand image and ideas that need to be promoted through an internet presence. He considers ideas for the layout and organization of the site, the types of colors or images to use and other matters concerning overall graphic design. Mario is familiar with all compatibility issues and will create pages that can be used on any type of server, viewed with any type of browser, and on any type of screen. He will continuously apply updates ensuring a user friendly and attractive experience for the customer’s target audience.

Mario takes pride in being an award winning web designer. His work was selected as the most outstanding out of fifty submissions by professional IT companies and graduate students of institutions of higher learning.