Peter is responsible for creating design solutions that have a high visual impact. He works with ingenuity to come up with novel ideas for producing visually appealing concepts and styles. He has the flair and inspiration to develop an appearance and presence that will manifest the client’s objectives or philosophy. With a keen eye for features and sophistication, no matter what Peter is asked for, he is able to deliver powerful solutions in response.

He has more than fifteen years of design experience. With his resourceful mind, he can fulfill any and all creative roles. His work is varied and includes books, magazines, brochures, posters and displays, along with any other needed visual materials such as logos, illustrations, and photography. Peter also has the experience to create billboards for events or outdoor promotional campaigns.

Peter will give a business, organization or project a distinctive visual brand and a corporate identity. He is well respected for his expertise in developing unique trademarks. His ideas may spark a boost in attention or in demand for a product. He may even revolutionize a method for design. Peter will work creatively while making the precisely desired image to express the distinct qualities of a client’s operation or activity. If there is the opportunity to induce change, Peter will do it.

Among the awards he earned for his extraordinary talents is the esteemed is the ‘Ploygraficky Produkt Roka’ (polygraphic product of the year), a top prize in Eastern Europe for excellence in graphic product design.