ABS-Jets_Martin-Orlita_Quality-ManagerABS Jets achieved its first IS-BAO Stage I registration on 1 August 2013. The decision to become an IS-BAO certified operator was made by ABS Jets senior management. They took this decision for a number for reasons. It meant that the internal management processes were strengthened leading to a swift implementation of ABS Jets’ integrated management system. It also clearly demonstrated to the entire team at ABS Jets the proven adequacy and correctness of Compliance Monitoring and SMS processes implemented by the company.

The Stage II audit is a much deeper and more demanding audit. It is aimed at verifying a strong foundation of a conformance to SMS principles and compliance to international standards. Although these are confirmed by the Stage I audit, Stage II ensures that the company has systems in place that deliver continuously sustainable SMS and standards compliance processes. It also means that safety management activities are being appropriately targeted and safety risks are effectively managed.

ABS Jets believes this as an important factor in the development of the company in that they are now seen to have internationally recognized quality standards. Clients and partners acknowledge the audit and have the assurance that they are doing business with a company that has the highest safety standards and company procedures. It also enables ABS Jets to be more competitive in that it saves financial resources with respect to insurance premiums and external audits performed on ABS Jets aircraft and systems.

To prepare for the IS-BAO Stage II audit the ABS Jets management and support team reviewed the majority of management and operational processes in accordance with IS-BAO standards. They utilized both the IS-BAO audit checklist and ABS Jets internal Safety Performance Assessment and Gap Analysis checklists.

ABS Jets CEO, Vladimir Petak comments „This is a great achievement for ABS Jets and further underlines our commitment to the very highest quality and safety standards. I would like to congratulate Martin Orlita, our Quality Manager and the team for their excellent work in successfully completing the IS-BAO audit Stage II.”

Martin Orlita, ABS Jets Quality and Safety Manager added “After two years of preparation I am delighted that ABS Jets has the IS-BAO Stage II audit. We have worked diligently to ensure that ABS Jets meets and exceeds the required standards, it is a great endorsement for everyone at the company.”