ABS Jets Ranked Number 1 for Maintenance Services

At the recent Embraer Executive Operator Conference in Munich ABS Jets were ranked in first place for the provision of aircraft maintenance services and AOG support in the EMEA region. It was noted that ABS Jets were particularly effective in terms of response time and availability. This is a major achievement by ABS Jets following diligent work to continually improve and raise the standards of maintenance work the company offers.

Maintenance is a key part of ABS Jets business, the company’s facilities include 4000 square meters of hangar space and support up to 48 aircraft all taken care of by 51 qualified technicians. ABS Jets has maintenance facilities in Prague and Bratislava and is an Embraer approved service center. They have experience in working with and  delivering global 24/7 support for a wide range of aircraft.

ABS Jets CEO, Vladimir Petak was very pleased to be advised of the number 1 ranking, he said “It is very gratifying to be known as the number 1 maintenance provider. This is great news and a wonderful reflection on the hard work by everyone at ABS Jets in providing the maintenance work of such high quality and excellent standards of service.”

ABS Jets Technical Director, Thierry Barré added “This demonstrates the progress we have made at ABS Jets with our maintenance facilities. It is taking time, investment, training and a lot of hard work but these results are well worth it.”


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