As a strategic move to meet the increasing demand for aircraft brokerage and asset consultancy in Central and Eastern Europe, Colibri Aircraft decided to open an office in Bratislava, Slovakia. The new office is headed by Marian Jancarik, the Senior Aircraft Broker and Asset Advisor. Colibri Aircraft specializes in the worldwide marketing, resale and purchase of pre-owned private aircraft.

“It has been a win-win opportunity for both our customers and our company,” says Oliver Stone, Managing Director of Colibri Aircraft. “Marian wholly represents the values that Colibri stands for. His straightforward attitude keeps our customers interest at the center of each transaction to achieve the absolute best he can in accomplishing our client’s objectives. In conjunction with our office in London, we are creating an ideal combination of our expertise and presence in two strategic locations in Europe.“

Marian Jancarik contributes a variety of exceptional qualities as Colibri Aircraft’s dedicated professional in Central and Eastern Europe. In his first year, he has represented both private and institutional clients on transactions across different aircraft types. In the past Marian ran ABS Jets in Prague for five years. He took the helm when it was a start-up and left the company when it had become the largest operator and maintenance organization in Eastern Europe with one of the largest Embraer fleets. Furthermore, he worked as the exclusive area representative in Saudi Arabia for Embraer in charge of sales and promotion of their executive jets through the Al Saif Aviation Group, as well as the business planning and execution of aviation activities of the Group.

“The knowledge that I have gained over the years through my direct experience in various aviation sectors allows me to provide solid consultation to owners and financial institutions regarding aircraft sales and aviation markets” says Marian Jancarik. “Aircraft transactions, no matter what kind, really come down to understanding the people and parties involved and learning what their personal and professional expectations are and how to best meet those expectations. It’s all about keeping the balance between the people side and the technical, detail-oriented side that is the key to being successful.”