Decision makers in various positions depend on those analyses either for investments, business expansion, or purchase and selling decisions. Marian Jancarik, Senior Aircraft Broker and Asset Advisor at the Colibri Aircraft’s Central and Eastern European office in Bratislava, Slovakia, informs us about the latest numbers of the used aircraft sales and in what light they should be seen.

The Central and Eastern European market for “used” aircraft is stable and shows signs of year to year growth, according to Marian. Last year, thirty-four transactions were recorded. Fourteen aircraft were bought from outside the region, twelve were sold outside the region, and eight remained within. Seven new private jets were delivered to the Czech Republic, Poland, Moldavia, and Romania. Five of them were Embraer: two Legacy 650, two Phenom 300 and one Phenom 100. The other two were a Bombardier Challenger 350 and a Dassault Falcon 2000S.

“As for current prices levels of new and used planes, new aircraft are still sold with incentives such as discounts and maintenance packages,” says Marian. “This has a strong influence on resale value which resulted in almost continuously fallen prices of used aircraft since 2008. Another declining factor is that currently the supply of used aircraft is higher than the demand because the availability of aircraft in certain regions is as quick as the world market is able to sell and resell again.”

Marian Jancarik looks back at more than ten years of direct experience in various aviation sectors which allow him to provide solid consultation to owners and financial institutions regarding aircraft sales and aviation markets. He explains the difficulties in interpreting the various statistics in Eastern Europe.

“In the USA and Western Europe, the current market is often compared to the so-called pre-crisis years. That comparison is difficult to make in our region, partly because of economic and political developments in the region in the past. In the pre-crisis years, business aviation was almost non-existent at first, but the geo-political changes resulted in strong economic growth and subsequently an appetite for private aircraft. Such a sudden economic upswing is likely not to happen again but, the Eastern European market is now solid with moderate yet steady growth.”

Marian Jancarik’s background has some unique specializations; he is an Embraer specialist and besides being the dedicated professional for the Central and Eastern market, he is also an expert for transactions in the Middle East. In the past Marian was heading ABS Jets in Prague for five years; he took the helm when it was a start-up and left the company when it had become a major player in its field.